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Reader Question: Freezing Tomato Sauce

freezing-tomato-sauceBy Vanessa Richins

Misty says:

“Hi, how would I freeze tomato sauce? Would you have any recipes? Thank you.”

Hello Misty! Freezing is a great way to preserve your tomato sauce for further use.

One advantage is that for me as a single girl, I can freeze individual portions so I don’t have to worry about opening a can that will take me a while to use and could go bad.

For instructions on how to freeze tomato sauce, I headed on over to Google and found Kalyn’s Kitchen. She’s a local woman here in Utah who writes about low glycemic index and carb foods. She had great instructions on how to freeze tomato sauce.

First, she says to start with tomatoes that are ripe. If you’ve been growing your own tomatoes, make sure you know what the different varieties look like when they are ripe. After all, some tomatoes like Green Zebra are still green when they are fully ripe!

Plan on picking them on the day you will be making your sauce. This will help preserve nutrients in your sauce and ensure you have the best possible flavors.

One important tip that she gives is “When sauce is condensed and thick, put into individual plastic containers and let cool on the counter for an hour or so. When sauce is cooled, snap on plastic lids and freeze.”

The blog post gives more information about how to process and cook the sauce. She says she cooks the tomatoes for 6-8 hours, so pick a day when you will be around the house.

Hope your tomato sauce cooking and freezing project goes well. Let us know how it turns out!

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  1. Jack Etsweiler Says:

    Start your tomatoes in a stock pot on the stove, then move the who lot to a 170-or-so-degree oven. Let them cook slowly overnight. In the morning, if they are not cooked quite as far down as you want them for paste, give them another eight hours. Essence of summer! Freeze in those cunning little plastic things with the snap-on lid, freeze and enjoy when the snow is flying!

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