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Tomato-Port Wine Glaze

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deglazeBy David Harbilas

This is the epitome of an easy sauce.

It is essentially two ingredients, tomatoes and port wine.

What those two ingredients don’t tell you is the really interesting part.

Port wine is a fortified wine, which means it is just red wine with more alcohol added after it is made, giving it a “hard liquor” characteristic.

To professional chefs, port wine is a great cooking wine, since its fruit needs to off-set the alcohol. This pretty much means that when it is reduced it has a very rich, fruity flavor. What better to compliment that richness than tomatoes?

What’s great about this sauce is that you don’t really need the best quality tomatoes available. It goes best with game, like venison, lamb, ostrich, or bison. (I’ve used it with all.) The only thing that might improve it is a little bit of butter whisked in at the end.

Makes about 2 quarts sauce

  • 2 375 ml bottles of port wine
  • 6 tomatoes, globe variety–less than ripe are fine, though riper tomatoes will produce a deeper-bodied sauce
  • ½ pound butter, optional

Rough chop the tomatoes and place in a saucepan with the port wine. Reduce the entire contents by at least ½ and as much as ¾, but no more. The sauce should be slightly thick. Place the contents into a blender and puree until smooth, about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Strain the sauce through a coarse strainer and place in a stainless steel pot to heat. If using, whisk the butter into the sauce gradually over low heat. Do not heat quickly or the butter will separate from the sauce. Serve with seared or grilled beef, venison, or other game meats.

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