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Corn and Green Onion Salad with Charred Tomato Vinaigrette

By David Harbilas

Corn and tomatoes are as natural a pairing as I can imagine at this time of the year.

Corn salads and salsas–it seems like the terms can be used interchangeably–are extremely versatile and appealing to nearly everyone, going with any kind of protein and satisfying vegetarians and vegans.

Charring the tomatoes give the dressing a little bit of a bitter edge, which contrasts nicely against the sweetness of the corn.

Makes about 4 cups of salad, enough for 4-6 people

10 ears of corn
2 large tomatoes
2 bunches of scallions, whites sliced into thin rounds
1 shallot, chopped
1 tablespoon Dijon
¼ cup red wine vinegar
½ cup olive oil
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare a charcoal or gas grill to high heat. Slice the tomatoes in half cross-wise and place on the grill and char, about 5-6 minutes per side. Remove the tomatoes and let cool, about 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat an oven to 400 degrees. Place the corn on a sheet pan with a little water (just enough to keep the corn from burning while cooking) and place in the oven for about 25 minutes. The husks should brown slightly and the corn will feel tender when squeezed.

Remove from the oven and let cool thoroughly. Shuck the corn and cut the kernels from the cob and reserve. Meanwhile, place the tomatoes in a blender with the shallot, Dijon, vinegar and a little salt and pepper. Blend the tomatoes, and, with the motor running, drizzle in the olive oil then the extra virgin olive oil. Push the vinaigrette through a strainer to remove most of the flecks of the charred skin, if desired.

To finish the salad, combine corn with the scallions and chopped parsley with enough of the vinaigrette to coat the ingredients. Adjust the seasonings as needed with salt and pepper.

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