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The Story of Mindar Tomato Seed


By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

The other day, I was looking through my seed stash and realized that I had a plethora amount of tomato seeds.

I knew I could not use all the seeds and wonder what to do.

What to do ran through my head the remaining of the day and into the night.

During my slumber the idea came to me and I thought why did I not think of that.

The “that” I refer to is based on the Johnny Appleseed story and if you have forgotten the story here it is in a nutshell. Johnny Appleseed was a real man named John Chapman. As a youth, John was taken in as an apprentice at an orchard. Here he learned everything about growing apples.

Later on, John moved to the Ohio Valley where he set up several orchards. At this point this is where the road of truth and a good story take different directions. The truth is John sold his apple trees for six cents a piece and did not go across the country on a goodwill trip planting apple seeds for free.

But contrary to the true story of Johnny Appleseed, I decided to do my own agricultural goodwill with my tomato seeds. To begin my journey, I decided to give tomato seeds as gifts to my friends and family. These gifts were not going to be limited to Christmas but instead would encompass other holidays, such as birthdays, and anniversaries. How to present my little seeds was the next challenge.

While I want to believe that everyone would love to receive the very first type of gift that keeps on giving, I know that is not the case. So away I went into the world of creative gift giving. After some soul searching, I came up with a plan. I decided to make my own paper and impregnate the paper with tomato seeds. I would then, write the planting directions onto the homemade paper.

What I liked about this project was that I could send my homemade paper through the mail and personalize it by the inscription left inside.

Next, I wanted to come up with another technique that could help spread my tomato seeds through my holiday gift giving. In the past, I have given “gardening” gifts to my friends and family. While these were great gifts, some individuals like or need a variety of different gift topics. So away the creative juices went.

My solution to my gift-giving problem centered on the lonely gift tag. How I thought how wasteful that little piece of paper is on a package and what if it could be turned into something more useful. So away I went into my creative mode.

I tried out several different ideas and found one that I really liked. It was simple and could be passed on to someone else, if needed. It also had a dual purpose, which at this point may have several of you scratching your head and wondering what it could be and the answer is……..

Gift tag. I know I just said gift tags were a waste but not in this case. I turned my homemade paper into gift tags that once again were impregnated with tomato seeds. On one side of the tag, planting directions are given. On the other side, a poem that encourages one to pass it on if they cannot use it. Below is the haiku poem I used but do not limit yourself. Be your own Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed
Spread the word about sharing
Repeat with gift tags

If you would like to repeat the projects described above, please do so for the planet that we share.

So until we blog again, spread the word about tomato seeds far and wide by creating methods that you apply.

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