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Tomato Gardening Made Easy through Winchester Gardens Tomato Spikes

Photo Credit: Gerry Joeng, Winchester Gardens

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

It seems that every year I get busier and the demand on my garden space gets larger.

When it was just my husband and I, a small plot of land and a few container gardens was all that was required.

Both of these “gardens” produced enough fresh food to get us through the season along with some to can.

Then, when my twins came along the demand on the garden space was increased. Not only did I need fresh vegetables for the adults but I also needed fresh and organic produce for my kids’ baby food. While I utilized some different techniques to address these new demands, I always seemed to come up short and always forgot to fertilize.

Since my gardens were organic, I tried to create my own fertilizer. This included compost and manure tea. I also mixed worm castings into the soil but wished I could find something that was organic, slow-release, inexpensive, and easy.

Today, even though I am an empty nester, my schedule is more hectic the ever. With my job, the community garden, the kids’ garden, and my graduate work, I am always looking for a way to live a healthy lifestyle and at the same time carve out a little time for myself.

This is where Winchester Gardens entered my life. While they have several excellent products, one of my favorites is the organic tomato fertilizer spike. The formulation is just what the agriculture doctor ordered and contains a high level of phosphorus that encourages bloom and fruit development. And when one is talking about tomatoes that is what we are looking for.

What I really love about these tomato spikes is the fact that I can add them to my container planted tomatoes or into the garden in the beginning of the season when I plant my tomatoes. After that, I do not have to worry about fertilizing my plants for eight weeks.

The other thing I love about Winchester Gardens tomato spikes is the fact that they are very economical and only require two spikes per plant. So not only do they save me money but they also save me time and this savings is a win-win that will be noted in my gardening journal.

So until we blog again, tomato gardening can be challenge to those strapped for time but Winchester Gardens has made organic gardening easy through their spikes.

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