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Posted on 26 January 2011 by

Eggs Poached in Tomato-Basil Sauce

poached-eggsBy David Harbilas

This is a perfect example of Italian resourcefulness: take something plentiful, in tomatoes, and make something memorable of it with a simple addition.

This is really a lesson in layering: anyone can hack up some tomatoes and stew them and throw in a few eggs.

But to make even hard, underripe tomatoes and plain, store-bought eggs into something wonderful takes a little skill, in a sense.

Really, all it takes is the patience to dice the tomatoes correctly, cook them as a quick sauce and drop the eggs in and poach them over the right heat to make a really great meal.

Serves 2

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Posted on 08 January 2011 by

Roasted Tomato Cranberry Sauce

cranberriesBy David Harbilas

Tomatoes are often a great partner to tart or acidic ingredients, and cranberries are a perfect example of that pairing.

As with many sauces, this one doesn’t require a lot of effort or special equipment.

It also doesn’t require pureeing, though it can be put through a blender for a smoother consistency if desired.

Yields about 2 cups of sauce

Posted on 04 January 2011 by

Oyster Shooter with Tomato-Horseraddish Jus

oysterBy David Harbilas

Shooters have become trendy of late, and for good reason – they offer an exciting alternative to the traditional mignonette without straying too far from the familiar.

Here, a simple jus of tomatoes is made from stewing tomatoes with a little water and white wine, creating a nearly clear broth that is strongly perfumed with a tomato flavor.

A great entertaining hors d’oeuvre, serve these directly in a shot glass, garnished with a small wedge of lemon on the edge of the glass.

Makes enough jus for at least 12 shooters

Posted on 06 August 2010 by

Deer in the Garden – Deer Today Gone Tomorrow

deerBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Being brought up in the country I have a different viewpoint on deer damaging my garden especially my tomatoes.

My parents and I relished the times that the deer roamed freely across the yard.

And while we did loose vegetables and fruits to those beautiful deer it was a minor price to pay.

Some of my Dad’s neighbors shot the deer because they were eating into their farm profits and the law said they could do it without any repercussions but for my family the cost of loosing 1 deer over a few tomatoes was not worth it.

But as we as a society move farther into the country the encounters with deer increases. Some again will shoot the deer only to end up with a dead deer and missing produce. Some will try dogs, bullhorns Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 10 March 2010 by

Battling Salmonella in Tomatoes

roma-tomato.JPGBy Vanessa Richins

Last summer, headlines everywhere blazed about a salmonella scare that was supposedly connected to tomatoes.

Many stores and restaurants stopped carrying our favorite fruit for a while, severely hurting the tomato industry.

As Michelle Fabio pointed out here last year, ” a report from the University of Georgia estimates that the salmonella scare of this past summer cost Georgia’s economy approximately $25.7 million–and that is just one state.”

Later, the FDA changed their position and said the outbreak was actually caused by jalapeño peppers.

However, this doesn’t mean that Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 28 August 2009 by

Stop the Tomato Slander!

Tomato CasualBy Kira Hamman

Let’s get this cleared up right now: the late blight is not the fault of the tomatoes, heirloom or hybrid.

Nor is it the fault of the home gardeners who are trying to distance themselves, even just a little, from the corporate food grid.

It’s not the fault of potatoes, or the recession, or Michelle Obama.

And it’s only kind of the fault of the big box plant brokers who sold the infected plants.

No, the bulk of the blame for the epidemic of late blight this growing season belongs squarely where the blame for epidemics nearly always belongs: Mama Nature. We had a cool, wet spring and early summer, and the blight just loved it. Hey, it happens.

It’s all part of a little process Read the rest of this entry »


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