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Posted on 03 March 2008 by

Tomato Allergies: Part II

Tomato AllergyBy Michelle Fabio

In the first part of the Tomato Allergies series, we discussed how to identify and diagnosis a tomato allergy.

Now what if it turns out there is such a reaction to tomato products? What’s a tomato lover to do?

One option is to turn to Nomato products: tomato-free sauce, ketchup, barbecue, and salsa.

Nomato tomato-free products were born when a woman named Norine started “experimenting with various vegetables and seasonings” because her granddaughter Hannah was allergic to tomatoes and couldn’t so much as have Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 01 March 2008 by

Tomato Allergies: Part I

TomatoBy Michelle Fabio

If you’re reading this site it’s probably because you love tomatoes (although surely some tomato haters must have guilty pleasures too).

Sadly, though, some people cannot enjoy the tomato no matter how much they would like to because of a food allergy.

How do you know if you’re allergic to tomatoes?

Allergic reactions to tomatoes could include tingling of the lips or in the mouth or even a red, itchy rash. In extreme cases, anaphylactic shock, in which breathing becomes difficult, can occur–this of course requires immediate medical attention.

If you suspect a tomato allergy, you should Read the rest of this entry »


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