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Posted on 08 July 2008 by

2008 Tomato Art Fest

By Vanessa Richins

We celebrate tomatoes every day here on Tomato Casual, but it gets even better when there are events dedicated solely to the tomato.

Case in point: the 2008 Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville, Tennessee is slated for August 9th. The tomato is actually the state fruit of Tennessee as of 2003, which is also when this festival was started.

What can you expect to find at the festival? As I noted in an earlier blog about tomatoes in music, a whole CD was created by local East Nashville musicians in 2007. With songs like “The Day My Tomatoes Died” and “Ripe & Ready”, we can only hope that there will be a new crop of tomato songs produced this year.

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Ketchup Art

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By Vanessa Richins

Next time you grab a ketchup packet, check out the art.

After success with a promotion involving holiday themed packets, Heinz North American Foodservice decided to sponsor a contest for children in Grades 1-12.

Their task was to design art based around a Heinz ketchup bottle to be used on single serve ketchup packets. Schools were sent a packet with submission forms, lesson plans about tomatoes, and fact sheets. The contest ran for nine months, and was also open to homeschooled children.

Out of over 15,000 entries, twelve students – one from each grade – were chosen as the winners. Their schools received $750 worth of ketchup and Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 19 September 2007 by

Tomato Art for the Home


Tomato Art for the Home

By Amelia Tucker

Do you need the perfect print of cherry tomatoes for your hallway?

How about a large photo of unusually shaped tomatoes for over your living room mantle?

Here is just the site where you need to go in order to find that perfect tomato-themed picture.
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