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Posted on 10 February 2009 by

Tomato Film Prevents E. Coli Contamination

Tomato OfferBy Vanessa Richins

The stories show up in the media – some new food has been found to be contaminated with E.coli.

While most varieties of E.coli are actually harmless, some are quite dangerous.

Illness and sometimes even deaths occur before the outbreak can be contained.

Scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Research Service and the Western Regional Research Center, Processed Foods have been experimenting with a film made from a mixture of tomato puree and carvacrol (the main ingredient in oregano oil). The film was placed onto an agar plate, then swabbed with E.coli.

The results were surprising. On plates without Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 15 December 2008 by

Scientists Discover the Way a Bacteria Invades a Tomato Plant

By Vanessa Richins

Even if your tomato plants are healthy, they sometimes fall prey to diseases from bacteria.

In a new study published in Current Biology, scientists show how a certain bacteria gets past a tomato’s defenses and infects the plant with bacterial speck disease, leaving black lesions on leaves and fruits.

They hope to use the results to study ways to protect plants without pesticides.

In order to study the way that the bacteria invaded the tomato, European scientists used a plant called Arabidopsis, which is also affected by the bacterial speck disease and works well in experimental studies.

When they studied the infection process, they found that Read the rest of this entry »

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