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Posted on 01 November 2008 by

Ketchup Banned in English Schools

By Vanessa Richins

In England, schoolchildren will no longer have a favorite condiment available.

Many schools there have decided that ketchup is too high in sugar and salt.

They are also banning Marmite, a salty yeast extract used in sandwiches.

According to the food industry guidelines, “the daily amount for a five to ten-year-old is 4g of salt and 85g of sugar.”

As an article in Mail Online states, ‘The council has probably looked at the values of sugar and salt per 100g but the thing is that tomato ketchup is consumed in small amounts – nothing like 100g, which would be about 15-20 teaspoons,’ says nutrition scientist Joanne Lunn of the British Nutrition Foundation.

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