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5 Ways to Use Tomatoes in Your Beauty Routine

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By Michelle Fabio

I would wager that among tomato lovers, it surprises precisely no one to know that tomatoes are not only healthy for our bodies but also for our skin.

In particular, with their high Vitamin A and C contents, tomatoes have been shown to combat oily skin without drying it out–no easy feat for a scientist in a laboratory, perhaps, but for our tomato, it’s just natural.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate tomatoes into your daily beauty routine for younger-looking and healthier skin:

1. To hydrate your skin, crush a tomato and apply the pulp to your skin. Wash off after a few minutes.

2. To combat oily skin, mix Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 10 August 2007 by

Tomato Glam: Tomato Cosmetics and Beauty Tips (Part 1)

Tomato Glam: Tomato Cosmetics and Beauty Tips (Part 1)By Tomato Queen

Are you a fan of tomato glam?

There’s no dearth of products and home remedies that you can add to your scent or beauty regime.

Sniff it.

Love that scent of the tomato plant that rubs off on you and leaves a green streak on your arm that refuses to wash off?

Sitting under the full-spectrum lights in January just isn’t cutting it?

Demeter might have the scent for you: Tomato Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray is said to smell just like, well: picking tomatoes.

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