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Posted on 27 April 2008 by

Choosing the Right Heirloom Tomatoes for your Climate

Tomato ClimateBy Michael Nolan

As much as I adore tomatoes of all shapes and sizes, there are certain heirloom tomato varieties that simply do not do well in the hot Alabama summer sun.

As I have received quite a few questions about this topic recently, I decided to give you a short list of a few heirloom tomato varieties that tend to have better results in certain climates. I am intentionally calling attention to varieties that I have not yet covered on Tomato Casual:

Heirloom Tomatoes for Hot Weather Climates

  • Aunt Ruby’s Green — a long time favorite that originated in Tennessee, these beauties are light green, often with yellow stripes. They are flatter than they are round, and an excellent choice for fried green tomatoes.
Posted on 23 April 2008 by

Is It Too Late to Start Tomatoes from Seed?

Share Your Tomato Questions with Us - TomatoCasual.comBy Kira Hamman

Short answer: Nope!

Longer answer: your options depend on where you live and how soon you simply must have ripe tomatoes, but you do still have options.

Of course, the later you start your seeds, the later your plants will bear fruit, and if you start too late it might be winter again before your plants are ready.

For most heirloom varieties, you’ll get ripe tomatoes about 10 to 12 weeks from the time you transplant the seedlings, which you’ll do about six weeks after you start them. That makes a total Read the rest of this entry »

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Fighting Climate Change through Greenhouses

Fighting Climate Change through Greenhouses

By Michelle Fabio

One British tomato-growing company has received great praise for using cutting-edge technology in greenhouses in order to combat climate change all while turning out delicious produce year-round–a first for Britain’s tomato industry.

“John Baarda is a great example to others in the agri-food industry to show how technology can help tackle climate change and save money,” said Richard Ellis, chairman of the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) at the Agricultural Industries Confederation’s annual conference recently.
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