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Posted on 14 February 2009 by tomatocasual.com

Drought May Limit Tomato Crops in California

tomato_droughtBy Vanessa Richins

Despite the fact that much of California is a desert, it is one of the leading sources of produce for the United States.

Especially important is the San Joaquin Valley, an area south of Sacramento.

There they grow tomatoes, as well as other important crops such as wine grapes, nuts and citrus.

As California enters its third year of drought, tomato crops may be affected. “The water outlook for this year is very dismal, in fact we don’t think we’ll be able to deliver any type of surface water to our growers at all this year, so we told them they would need to be planning a zero allocation,” said Sarah Woolf with the Westlands Water District. Many farmers will be left with only well water for their crops.

Valley tomato farmers must now decide if Read the rest of this entry »

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