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Posted on 25 August 2007 by tomatocasual.com

Tomato Festival: Heirloom Tomato Love Helps Children\’s Charities at Nature Sweet Carmel TomatoFest

Heirloom - TomatoCasual.comBy Michelle Fabio

If you will be around Carmel, California on September 16, 2007, you should consider reserving your spot at the16th annual NatureSweet Carmel TomatoFest, a celebration of heirloom tomatoes from around the world.

At “America’s Favorite Tomato Harvest Festival” you’ll find over 350 heirloom tomato varieties including NatureSweet’s own, which started as an experiment by the Israeli Department of Agriculture to figure out how to grow tomatoes in Israel’s desert climate year round.

The results were transferred to the United States in 1990, and have been grown here ever since.

Those heirlooms along with innovative tomato dishes, over a hundred premium wines and tomato salsas, an international olive oil tasting event, an old-fashioned barbecue, and taste-testing of tomato specialty products ensure that you won’t go hungry or thirsty at the Quail Lodge Resort, site of the festival.

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Posted on 13 August 2007 by tomatocasual.com

World’s Biggest Tomato Fight: Bunol’s La Tomatina


World's Biggest Tomato Fight: Buñol's La Tomatina - TomatoCasual.comBy Michelle Fabio

If you still have a few vacation days to burn and you just can’t decide where to go, why not spend a few days soaking in the Spanish sun as you prepare for the world’s biggest tomato fight in Bunol, 25 miles outside of Valencia?

Every year on the last Wednesday of August, Bunol’s Plaza del Pueblo becomes the messiest, seediest, reddest square in the world during its hour-long community tomato fight.

Estimates of the number of participants range from 20,000 to 40,000, and the amount of tomatoes?

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Posted on 01 August 2007 by tomatocasual.com

Tomato Lovers Parade with Art Lovers at Nashville Tomato Fest

By Amelia Tucker

Tomato Lovers Parade with Art Lovers in Nashville Tomato Fest - TomatoCasual.com

Photo Credit: Tomato Fest by scazon used under CC BY 2.0 at

If so, I’ve found the perfect adventure for you.

Make your way to East Nashville’s 4th Annual Tomato Art Fest, billed as a “costume-friendly event” and as, “Nashville’s version of theNew York’sEastVillage.”

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