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Posted on 18 August 2011 by

Two Garlic Tomato Sauce

By David Harbilas

Garlic, like tomatoes, is a very versatile ingredient, and given its ability to change its flavor profile with different methods of preparation it can provide another dimension to the simple tomato sauce when used in more than one form.

Here, garlic is roasted and pureed into a tomato sauce, while scapes are sliced and added just prior to serving.

The result is a mixture of the earthy, sweet flavor of the roasted garlic combined with a very subtle and fresh garlic aroma from the scapes. Serve the sauce with pasta, chicken, or fish.

Makes 4 cups

Posted on 16 August 2011 by

Cherry Tomato and Green Garlic Salad

By David Harbilas

Green garlic is something that has been around for a long time but has only recently become a trendy item on restaurant menus.

Also called garlic scapes, green garlic is the shoot of the garlic bulb that comes up in late spring.

It looks a little like the green portion of a leek, with a small bulb about a quarter of the way from the upper end, containing a flower.

It has a very mild garlic flavor and can Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 26 November 2010 by

Tomato-Roasted Garlic Torta Rustica

tortaBy David Harbilas

I’m not sure where the method for this crustless quiche originated, but I found it in a major gourmet-food company’s catalog.

The best thing about it is its use of day-old bread for the crust in place of a homemade dough, which can be time consuming.

The fillings, then, become an easy matter.

Here, tomatoes are pureed with roasted garlic and poured over the “crust” and finished with crumbled goat cheese and basil. The result is worthy of any Sunday brunch gathering.

Yields 1 torta, enough for 4 people

2 tomatoes, rough chopped
1 head garlic
¼ cup basil leaves, chopped
1 small loaf bread, sliced
¼ cup goat cheese, crumbled Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 20 November 2010 by

Tomato-Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette

tomato-garlic-vinaigretteBy David Harbilas

This is a simple vinaigrette that can be used on salads but that really shines on chicken or fish dishes.

It gets its sweetness partly from honey but also from using blanched garlic, which has some of the sweetness of roasted garlic without any of its bitterness.

Tomatoes are, of course, what rounds it out. Peeling and seeding them before making the dressing ensures a balances between sweet and sour.

Makes about 2 cups dressing

  • 2 medium tomatoes, peeled, seeded and rough chopped
  • 1 head of garlic, cloves separated and peeled
  • ¼ cup champagne vinegar Read the rest of this entry »
Posted on 04 August 2010 by

Roasted Tomato, Eggplant, and Garlic Soup

eggplantBy David Harbilas

This is a soup that seems to be best during the colder months of autumn but is really at home in summer, when the vegetables are at their peak.

The method couldn’t be simpler: roast each of the vegetables and puree with a little stock and cream.

Eggplant is surprisingly similar to tomato in its meaty quality.

What is lacks in sweetness it makes up for in depth of flavor that even the staunchest of vegetarians can’t resist as a close substitute to beef.

Yields ½ gallon of soup

Posted on 21 April 2008 by

Tomato Personals: Companion Plants Made Easy

Tomato CompanionBy Kira Hamman

Single red heirloom, tall but not leggy, seeks companion for cohabitation and mutual benefit.

Me: high-maintenance star of the show.

You: supporting player, not afraid to play second fiddle. Let’s complement each other’s needs!

Asparagus: I like to star, too, but I’m in a different show. Mine will be over by the time yours really gets started, so we’re perfect for each other! Plus, I’ll kill the nematodes that bother your lovely roots, while you keep those pesky asparagus beetles at bay for me.

Basil: Well, we taste delicious in the same dishes, so Read the rest of this entry »


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