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Posted on 20 June 2008 by

Why to Choose Tomato Plants as Wedding Favors

By Michelle Fabio

June, the traditional month of weddings, is upon us, and from what many of my friends have told me, choosing inexpensive, unique, and appreciated wedding favors can be a difficult taskā€“but for tomato lovers, it doesn’t have to be!

Treat your guests to some tomato plants, recommends David Goforth, horticulture and forestry agent with the Cabarrus Center of the NC Cooperative Extension Service who answers questions through the Charlotte Observer’s Master Gardeners column.

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Posted on 02 October 2007 by

Forget the Flowers: Give a Tomato Bouquet!


Forget the Flowers: Give a Tomato Bouquet!

By Tomato Queen

Trying for a little romance?

Looking for a sweet gift to a good friend or relative?

I love flowers, adore them, even; so please don’t get me wrong.

There’s no wrong occasion for flowers (Superbowl Sunday may be the exception). But for a change of pace, why not give the gift of a “bouquet” (or bowl, or basket) of heirloom tomatoes from your garden or farmer’s market?
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