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Special Occasion Menu Item: Stuffed Grape Tomatoes

Photo Credit: Grape Tomatoes by Adam used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo Credit: Grape Tomatoes by Adam used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By Steve Shetter

With our children growing up in the scouting family, we have spent many a nights in the woods.

Hence, our favorite little place to go is the Cub Scout camp in our little town.

After our son had put in his 16 years of scouting as a youth, the time had come to give him the Eagle Ceremony that he had earned.

In short, our sons’ first year as a scout, the ranger had been killed while on camp. The council had not had a chance to put a new ranger in since the tragedy so no one was allowed to camp.

We (the ranger and I and a few others) know that (call him Andy), Andy still patrols and keeps an eye on things. My wife and I had planned on our sons’ ceremony at the camp while we relied on our son to come up with what he wanted to dine on.

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The Tomato Counter

The Tomato Counter

By Michelle Fabio

Perhaps eighty-one-year old former finance Ford executive Cy Buersmeyer used to be more concerned with bean counting, but now he’s shifted his focus–to tomatoes.

Grape tomatoes, to be exact, from two plants that he bought on a whim at Ken’s Country Produce in Westland, Michigan, outside of Detroit.

Before you hear the final numbers, you should know that Buersmeyer, an admitted very amateur gardener, bought the 12 inch plants as they were just blooming and on May 13 put them outside under glass, protecting them from chilly late spring temperatures in Michigan.
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