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Posted on 16 April 2008 by

Guide to Starting Tomatoes from Seed – Part 3

seedlingPart Three: A Working Person’s Guide to Hardening Off (See Part One)

By Kira Haman

So you’ve successfully gotten those tiny little seeds to grow into strong, healthy plants.

This always seems like a miracle (and, in fact, it is), but now they’re getting cramped in their little pots, and it’s time to get them into the garden.

But wait!

You can’t just plunk them out there — they’ll wilt dramatically and die before you can say “sun-worshipping prima donna.”

No, you have to perform the gardening ritual known as hardening off, in which you Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 12 April 2008 by

Guide to Starting Tomatoes from Seed – Part 2

How to Choose Good Tomato Plants for Transplanting by Flirting - TomatoCasual.comPart Two: Sowing the Seeds of Love (See Part One)

By Kira Hamman

Now that you’ve ordered your seeds, it’s time to get ready to plant.

First, assemble the things you’ll need:
– A flat of teeny pots for starting the seeds. Get one that comes with a tray to sit in that will catch drips.
– Larger (2”) pots for transplanting.
– If you live in a cold region, even larger (4”) pots for transplanting again (if you ever have snow in April, then you live in a cold region).
– Sterile seed-starting mix.
– Good-quality potting soil.
– A spray bottle for water.
– A supplementary light source — this does not have to be an official grow light, but has to be adjustable so you can keep it about 4 — 5 inches above the seedlings as they grow.

Once the seeds actually arrive, Read the rest of this entry »


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