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Posted on 04 February 2013 by tomatocasual.com

Halloween and the Tomato

Photo Credit: Tomat’O’Lantern by Andrew Huff used under CC BY-NC 2.0

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

I would like to start a new tradition with tomatoes.

Culturally, tomatoes have spanned the human belief system.

Some cultures build festivals around tomatoes while others view tomatoes as a “poisonous fruit.”

But, for myself, the tomato represents summertime, and health. This year, though, the tomato has changed its image due to the unusual weather we have been having. I cannot remember picking tomatoes in October but this year it is the norm not the exception.

In doing so, since my tomato crop is still growing and producing, I would like to introduce the tomato into my Halloween celebration. Below are the top six ways I plan to use the ‘love apple” come October 31.

1. Bloody punch will be part of the menu for my Halloween party. I plan to take and make my own tomato juice, which I plan to cool with a frozen hand made from a latex glove. Since my party will be multigenerational, I am choosing to keep it alcohol-free.

2. Stuffed tomatoes will be served with an assortment Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 29 October 2007 by tomatocasual.com

Halloween Recipe:Trick or Treat Tomato Eyeballs


Halloween Recipe: Trick or Treat Tomato Eyeballs

Photo Credit: Halloween Pumpkin by thepollen used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By Michelle Fabio

Stuffed tomatoes are always a hit at parties, so why not take a basic recipe and add a little spooky touch for your Halloween party?

Trick or Treat Tomato Eyeballs

30-40 cherry tomatoes
1 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
3-4 oz. crab meat, chopped shrimp, salmon, deviled ham, or tuna

Small jar of black olives

To prepare the tomatoes, cut off the stem and also a slice off the bottom so that the tomato sits flat. Hollow out center (seeds and pulp) with a small spoon, then lightly salt the inside of each one and put upside down on paper towels to dry.
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Posted on 15 October 2007 by tomatocasual.com

Spooky Tomatoes

Tomato Witch

By Tomato Queen

How to make a tomato glow: Okay, I’m not saying it’s right. I’m fairly sure this is what my pal Charlotte would call “sick and wrong.” But if you’d like to learn how to make a tomato glow in the dark, or just see a pretty cool instructional video showing you how to do so, gizmodo.com has a tutorial called Just not eating them.

All fear the Tomato Witch: with her efficient slicing power, the tomato witch will make quick work of slicing that unripe, mushy thing called a tomato available in the stores now that tomato season is over. Probably also useful for slicing copious amounts of cheese, but: do you really need one?
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