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Posted on 08 March 2013 by

Decorating the Holiday Tree with Love Apples

Photo Credit: Pinterest Cheese Christmas tree by Blake Facey used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo Credit: Pinterest Cheese Christmas tree by Blake Facey used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

This year, I have decided to do my holiday decorating a little different.

In the past, I have filled my evergreen tree with treasure ornaments made by my children along with family collectables.

This includes homemade candy canes made from beads, little wooden backpacks, and my grandmother’s blown glass birds.

But this year, I am adding a unique decoration to my kitchen bar and that is a tomato tree.

This tree is not what one would expect. It is edible and ever changing. To start off, this tree’s form is one that can be found in many drugstores as the gumball tree. This tree is designed by pushing gumballs onto the ends of the plastic branches. This is the basic form of my tree but instead of gumballs I am going to use cherry tomatoes.

While I realize this seems a little unorthodox, Read the rest of this entry »

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October is National Tomato Month, and other Official Facts

tomato-monthBy Vanessa Richins

I found out today that October is National Tomato Month, as well as National Sun Dried Tomato Month (Unless you’re in Florida – April is National Florida Tomato Month).

I wonder how these National Months get started.

After all, October isn’t what I would choose to represent tomato-dom.

In most places, the harvest is over and the air is getting cold. I would nominate June, July or August as more likely months. That’s when tomato season is in full swing and you can celebrate every day with a fresh tomato right out of the garden.

In any case, it’s October – how do you plan to celebrate?

On another national note, there are Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 19 December 2008 by

From Tomato Cage to Christmas Decoration

By Vanessa Richins

A friend was telling me about how she was making a Christmas tree from a tomato cage.

I thought this was intriguing.

She doesn’t have her project up on her website yet, but evidently she is not the first person to come up with this idea.

I found several websites that took the humble tomato cage to new heights for Christmas, from Christmas trees, to snowflakes, to snowmen.

DIYNetwork’s website features instructions for several different kinds of tomato cage Christmas trees. Their suggestions include :

  • A tinsel tree (wrapping tinsel around the frame and adding ornaments)
  • A feather tree (using feather boas)
  • A fiesta tree (with Read the rest of this entry »
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How to Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

treeBy Michelle Fabio

If you celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree but still haven’t gotten around to getting one, why not consider making your own from some of tomato-growing supplies stashed away for the winter?

According to television host, writer, and professional garden designer P. Allen Smith, you can make your very own Tomato Cage Christmas Tree that’s environment-friendly (peanut butter and birdseed-covered pinecones!) and a great outdoor decoration to boot.

Here’s what you need for a basic Tomato Cage Christmas Tree: Read the rest of this entry »


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