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Kids Love Tomatoes!

Kid TomatoBy Kira Hamman

Unfortunately for tomato-worshipping parents, this is not necessarily true.

What kids love is (a) dirt, especially when combined with (b) water. Also (c) tools of any kind, particularly those used in (d) digging. Certain kids love (e) worms and (f) bugs.

And all kids tend to have a pride approaching zealotry in anything they produce themselves.

The combination of these factors makes them highly enthusiastic gardeners, and what they lack in skill they more than make up for in sheer joy.

So — get your kids growing tomatoes!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Let kids grow cherry tomatoes, which surely must have been made for them. Even kids who refuse to eat a slice of tomato on a dinner plate will love popping Read the rest of this entry »


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