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Posted on 26 June 2012 by

Tomato Gardening the Old Fashioned Way


By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Gardeners can learn a lot from the gardeners who have passed.

For me I learned a lot from my Great-Grandmother, who was what I like to call a Plant Whisper.

She could take a simple twig and grow a tree or save seeds and grow enough food to feed her family, neighbors and to can.

All of this was created in an urban space full of shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

But through her skill she did have a few tricks up her sleeve that allowed her to be a very successful gardener.

My favorite trick can be described with one word and that is marigold. While this word can be used, in some situations, to describe a color, the term marigold in this situation is one that means “a nematode preventer.”

This Old World technology can be found on Amish farms. The bright colored flowers can be Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 21 April 2008 by

Tomato Personals: Companion Plants Made Easy

Tomato CompanionBy Kira Hamman

Single red heirloom, tall but not leggy, seeks companion for cohabitation and mutual benefit.

Me: high-maintenance star of the show.

You: supporting player, not afraid to play second fiddle. Let’s complement each other’s needs!

Asparagus: I like to star, too, but I’m in a different show. Mine will be over by the time yours really gets started, so we’re perfect for each other! Plus, I’ll kill the nematodes that bother your lovely roots, while you keep those pesky asparagus beetles at bay for me.

Basil: Well, we taste delicious in the same dishes, so Read the rest of this entry »


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