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Posted on 04 August 2008 by

Organic Tomato Pest Control 101

By Kira Hamman

We recently provided a guide to some of the bugs commonly found destroying tomato crops, so now it’s time to tell you how to control them.

And control them you can, without resorting to poisons, but remember that organic pest control is about just that — control, not total eradication.

Gardens have bugs, period.

We’re trying to keep them from eating everything in sight, not trying to eliminate them from the planet. Enough said.

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Posted on 10 May 2008 by

Natural Pest Control for Organic Tomatoes

Tomato HornwormIn a society that seems bent on overmedicating every problem we have as humans (don’t get me started on that one), it should come as no surprise that we tend to overuse poisons to get rid of common pests in our tomato gardens as well.

I am one of those oddballs who would rather do things the way Laura Ingalls did them than the way mass production tomato farmers think is right.

That’s one of the things that initially drew me to organic gardening in the first place — second only to the health benefits of a pesticide-free organic garden home for my tomatoes.

I haven’t sprayed the first poison on one of my plants in years. Of course I also believe that I am to expect a certain — and hopefully small – percentage of loss of my tomato plants each year due to pests and diseases.

Natural Pest Control Tips
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