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Posted on 12 September 2009 by

Reader Question: White Insects on Tomato Plants

whiteflyBy Vanessa Richins

Colnel asks:

“I have started getting very small white bugs on my tomato plants. What are they? Will they hurt the plant? How do I get rid of them?”

Hi Colnel. Can you tell us more about these bugs. What do they look like? Do they have wings? Since you don’t mention any damage in your question, can I assume the plants are currently healthy?

One problem insect could be a stalk borer. These are white (or purple larvae that like to burrow into stems of tomatoes. You would Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 26 March 2009 by

Mockingbirds Love Tomatoes – Help!

mockingbirdBy Vanessa Richins

Joe asked:

“Just found your site and I LOVE it! Could you do an article on keeping squirrels and mockingbirds out of the tomatoes? Btw, my local squirrels are no longer fooled by Christmas ornaments.”

Squirrels were covered in this article, so I will be tackling mockingbirds today.

The mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) is the state bird for Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. They are well-known for their habit of mimicking other birds in their songs. They are very protective of their territories.

They are also very fond of tomatoes, as you have noticed. It’s not easy to keep them away, but here are some suggestions you can try: Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 20 February 2009 by

Reader Questions: Grubs and Aphids

wormBy Vanessa Richins

This week we’ve had quite a few comments on the post, “What’s That Bug on My Tomato?

Kira Hamman, the author, posted a comment with some answers, and I will be adding some additional information.

“My garden is filled with grub worms how do i get rid of them?
Will a chemical hurt my plants or ruin my soil?
Is there a natural way to get rid of them?
Ive already treated the soil why are they still there?
They eat my potatoes and carrots.

Kira suggests planting marigolds, which is a great idea to keep grubs and other bugs away. You can also apply milky spore or buy parasitoid wasps.

“Aphids are killing my plants. I like to Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 17 August 2008 by

TC Flashback: Tomato Blight and Diagnoising Tomato Problems

By Reggie Solomon

To help tomato growers who may be experiencing signs of tomato blight, yellow leaves or other tomato ailments, we wanted to flash back to some of Tomato Casual’s best resources on the subject.

Posted on 04 August 2008 by

Organic Tomato Pest Control 101

By Kira Hamman

We recently provided a guide to some of the bugs commonly found destroying tomato crops, so now it’s time to tell you how to control them.

And control them you can, without resorting to poisons, but remember that organic pest control is about just that — control, not total eradication.

Gardens have bugs, period.

We’re trying to keep them from eating everything in sight, not trying to eliminate them from the planet. Enough said.

Larger bugs, like Read the rest of this entry »


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