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Posted on 16 January 2013 by tomatocasual.com

Preparing for a Safe Tomato Season


Photo Credit: Garden Tomatoes by Markus Sandy used under CC BY-NC 2.0

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Growing up in the country, I had the best of both worlds.

Fresh produce and freshly cooked meals were the norm not the exception.

I was known to eat right out of the garden but today that habit is discouraged, as soil-born pathogens seem to appear out of nowhere.

Knowing what, when, and how to pick tomatoes is an important skill that some beginning gardeners do not have. While picking a tomato that is not ripe will not kill you, picking one that is soiled, bruised or diseased can cause problems.

I recommend that only fruit that is clean and blemish free should be picked. While this goes against my grain of thought since nature does not produce anything perfect, it is very important for those who may have a damaged or weak immune system.

Once the tomato has been picked, it should Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 30 September 2010 by tomatocasual.com

Pick the Best Quality, Grow the Best Fruit-Seed Saving

cherryBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

As the previous blog covered seed saving and seed tape there still exists a time-tested concept that every gardener knows.

You start out with good quality plants you end up with good quality produce.

This is a simple concept that is sometimes forgotten but is easily solved through proper choice of seeds to save.

Mother Nature has developed a beautiful system, which only chooses the perfect seeds. This process in a sense is natural selection or in this case human selection. We pick the most beautiful fruit that is prefect in every way for our salads, sandwiches, and sauces. This process can even be observed by the non-gardener by just watching people in the produce section sniff, squeeze, knock, and roll the produce.

We the hunters and gathers are looking for Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 19 July 2008 by tomatocasual.com

Cherry Tomato Picking in Bay Area of California

By Michelle Fabio

Baia Nicchia Farm & Nursery of Sunol has announced that it is opening its grounds to groups who would like to pick cherry tomato varieties including Maglia Rosa, Black Cherry, Austin’s Yellow Pear, SunGold, Super-Sweet 100, Green Grape and Riesentraube.

The charge is $20 for a 10-pound box (half of the normal price) with a minimum charge of $100 for five boxes of tomatoes; alternatively groups can pick 10 boxes total and donate five to the farm.

Non-profits and schools also have the option of picking one box for the farm and taking home a box free.

You’ll pick alongside nursery workers so that Read the rest of this entry »


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