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TC Reader Question: Tomato Seedlings and Light

seedlingsTomato Casual reader Justin writes:

“I have about 15 big beef tomato plants in that have been growing since February under 2 48′ 40watts and 2 48′ 25watts florescent. I live in Ohio.

The ones under the 25watt have stems twice to three times as thick, extremely uniformly dark green leaves, tons more canopy, tons more hairs and stickyness on the stems, and a little more purple under the leaves.

The ones under the other light are lighter green, small stems, but no purple under the leaves and seem healthier?? They almost seem like different strains but are the same seeds from Do the dark ones have a disease??”

Hello Justin. What an intriguing problem! Thick stems and dark green leaves are actually signs of Read the rest of this entry »

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Tomato Casual Answers Reader’s Canning Tomatoes Question

By Vanessa Richins

Tomato Casual reader Chris W writes:

“I just started canning and I am having trouble. I canned whole tomatoes by the BALL BOOK. They started to bubble and produce gas. I threw them away. I didn’t want to mess with it.

So I tried making my own sauce. It been about a week and again now the sauce is producing gas. They seal well. And I cook them like i am supposed to. I don’t know what i am doing wrong.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your canning!

With the help of former Tomato Casual Contributor Amy Jeanroy, I will go over the canning steps and the reasons why you may have bubbling and gas.

One note : boiling water is extremely important in the canning process. It sterilizes the jar and contents, killing bacteria. Use boiling water as noted below.

1. Use hot water to wash the jars. You need to Read the rest of this entry »

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TC Reader Question: What Makes a Tomato Mushy?

By Vanessa Richins

What an interesting question!

Here are three reasons why tomatoes might be mushy.

The first has to do with genetics. Some varieties, especially some of the heirlooms, are just naturally mushy. For example, a Mr. Eliason in Northford, NY grows a variety that “was rediscovered about 25 years ago, in the mountains of Kentucky.

It grows to enormous size, and the skin is so tender it couldn’t Read the rest of this entry »

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Elongated vs. Round Tomato

roma-tomato.JPGBy Michelle Fabio

In response to SUN Gene Gives Tomato Its Shape, Tomato Casual reader Esther Montgomery of Esther in the Garden wrote:

“About long / round tomatoes – Elongated varieties never seem to rise to the same quality of flavour as round ones. Are you able to explain this?”

This is a very interesting question, Esther, and I have to admit that I don’t know whether there is any scientific answer; I will, however, put forth my first reaction:

Quality and flavor Read the rest of this entry »

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Tomato Casual Answers Reader Question: Where to Buy Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato Casual Answers Reader Question: Where to Buy Heirloom Tomatoes

By Michelle Fabio

Tomato Casual reader Giorgio Nero would like to know:

Where can I buy about 100 cases of heirloom – or similarly tasting, sun-grown – tomatoes during the winter months. I need them in New York City and refuse to buy the available tasteless winter product.

This is an excellent question and a valid concern; no one likes a bland tomato!

To find the answer, we went straight to some of the most reliable sources we could think of–the finest restaurants of New York City.

We found that over 200 restaurants in the Big Apple, including The Four Seasons, get their tomatoes from Sid Wainer & Son® in New Bedford, Massachusetts. President of the company, Dr. Henry B. Wainer informed us that their heirloom season is as follows:
Read the rest of this entry »


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