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Posted on 07 June 2009 by

TC Reader Questions: Corn Near Tomatoes, Sweet Seedless

Tomato CasualBy Vanessa Richins

Susan W. writes:

“In order to enable success with tomatoes, do I have to give up planting corn all together or is there a distance between the two crops that will give me the best of both crops?”

Hello Susan. The main reason that advocates of companion planting list tomato and corn as enemies is because they are prone to attack from the same nasty insect.  Helicoverpa zea is known as the corn earworm, the tomato fruitworm and the cotton bollworm.

Their favorite meal is corn. When they are Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 25 May 2009 by

Reader Questions: Problems With Yellow Leaves on Tomatoes

yellow-tomato-leavesBy Vanessa Richins

As tomato season gets into full swing, problems start to crop up.

This week we have 2 questions dealing with yellow leaves.

From Kerrie in Utah:

“Hi, I planted my tomatoes & tomatillo’s about two weeks ago. I added compost and coffee grounds when I dug the holes. I have given them deep water a few times and it also rained a bit.

They plants were really healthy and I can’t see any evidence of bugs. I did get all the plants accept for one at the same nursery. I am worried they may have something I can’t fix, and need to know what it is in case I need new plants. Thanks.”

Hi Kerrie. First, it would be good to Read the rest of this entry »

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Reader Questions: Grubs and Aphids

wormBy Vanessa Richins

This week we’ve had quite a few comments on the post, “What’s That Bug on My Tomato?

Kira Hamman, the author, posted a comment with some answers, and I will be adding some additional information.

“My garden is filled with grub worms how do i get rid of them?
Will a chemical hurt my plants or ruin my soil?
Is there a natural way to get rid of them?
Ive already treated the soil why are they still there?
They eat my potatoes and carrots.

Kira suggests planting marigolds, which is a great idea to keep grubs and other bugs away. You can also apply milky spore or buy parasitoid wasps.

“Aphids are killing my plants. I like to Read the rest of this entry »


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