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Posted on 24 March 2011 by

Tomato-Green Olive Relish

By David Harbilas

Relishes are an underrated condiment, perhaps because they are little more than a mixture of chopped vegetables.

There are a few ways to improve on a boring relish.

One is to use the freshest ingredients possible, and in this case the ripest, juiciest tomatoes can really make a difference.

Another step is to let the ingredients sit for a period of time to allow their flavors to deepen.

Usually some sort of a liquid or acid like lemon juice helps. Here I opt for orange segments and juice, since they balance out the acid of the tomatoes and the salt of the olives. This sauce goes particularly well with chicken and fish.

Makes about 2 cups of relish

Posted on 18 January 2011 by

Tomatoes and Olive Recipes

tomato-sauce7By David Harbilas

To me, tomatoes and olives are perfect companions: one is salty, the other sweet; one is forgiving, the other angry toward some palettes.

Each, however, has a certain affinity for tartness.

The pairing is also adept with a number of cooking methods, from raw, to roasted, to stewed, as well as a number of textures.

Whether it is in a salsa, cooked sauce, a paste to spread on a sandwich, or soup, olives and tomatoes are natural mates in all seasons. Here are three simple preparations.

Tomato-Olive and Citrus Salsa


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