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Posted on 10 November 2010 by

Tomato the Extrovert

tomato-dinnerBy David Harbilas

Food is fickle.

Some days it seems like the supermarket is carrying only the best, most perfect tomatoes and unblemished basil, and other days all that seems to be available are green, rock-hard tomatoes and basil with black tips and leaves that look like they haven’t seen water in over a week.

At no other time and in no other place is this evident than in a restaurant kitchen during service.

Two weeks ago I participated in a local farm-to-table dinner at Aka Bistro, where I work as the restaurant’s sous chef. Our chefs, Chris Chung and Christophe Santos, and pastry chef Jillian Rosenberg wrote a simple, four-course menu, the first of which featured last of the season heirloom tomatoes. Part of the challenge Read the rest of this entry »


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