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Posted on 02 August 2009 by

Reader Questions : Yellow Leaves, German Queen Tomato Ripeness

german-queenBy Vanessa Richins


“I live in Brooklyn and I am growing tomatoes on my fire escape using a “Topsy Turvy” planter.

They have been growing beautifully until work called me out of town and I asked my 10 year old to water them. Now I have alot of yellow leaves. However I am not sure his over or under watering is the problem because the yellow leaves are the ones that get the least light.

Does anyone have any suggestion?”

Hello Alan. How often do you fertilize your Topsy Turvy tomatoes? Since container grown plants have a limited Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 02 September 2008 by

How Can You Tell If Green Tomatoes Are Ripe?

By Kira Hamman

This is a bona fide question asked of me by a fellow gardener who is growing Green Zebras for the first time this year.

And it’s understandable; when you grow red tomatoes, you know they’re ripe because, well, they turn red.

Even the pink, orange, and yellow varieties cooperatively change color to let you know it’s harvest time. But what about the ones that stay green?

Luckily, even green tomatoes change color when they’re ripe, going from that familiar unripe-tomato color (which is Read the rest of this entry »


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