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Meet Salmorejo, Gazpacho\’s Phat Cousin

By K. Emily Bond

Chilled tomato soup season is upon us, ¡olé!

While most aficionados of Spanish cuisine will turn to gazpacho for their seasonal tomato fix, they would be remiss to overlook its prima gorda — fat cousin (as in phat) — salmorejo.

For me, eating salmorejo for the first time was much like seeing J. Lo make her first Academy Award appearance sometime in the early 90s, smack in the middle of fashion’s heroin chic grunge era.

Back when waifs were sex symbols.

Gazpacho is alright, but I like a summer soup I can hold on to.

Salmorejo is more voluptuous fare. Another of Andalucía’s signature dishes, it is made from tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and vinegar like the skinny gazpacho. The addition of bread and egg yolk, however, pads it out nicely and keeps you coming back for more.

A BOSCH, or similar blending instrument.



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