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Recipe: Cilantro-Lime Salsa

cilantro-lymeBy David Harbilas

Nothing could be simpler or more satisfying than tomato salsa.

It’s not really a sauce, though it can act as one, and it requires no cooking, though there are some recipes that call for slow-cooking and canning.

My favorite is a simple mixture of chopped tomatoes, garnishes, acid and olive oil.

It goes well with fish, grilled chicken, or tortilla chips. As I’ve said in previous posts, ripe tomatoes make all the difference, though salsas are sometimes delicious with lesser-quality fruit if they sit in a mixture of acid and seasonings. If you don’t like cilantro, other tender herbs like tarragon, basil, or chives can be used.

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Recipe: Michael\’s Homemade Salsa

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SalsaBy Michael Nolan

Salsa is as easy to make as it is delicious, and its uses go far beyond a topping for nacho chips!

Once I started making my own, I couldn’t bear to eat store-bought salsa from a jar again.

Basic Recipe
– 3 medium ripe tomatoes
– 1 small onion -or- a small bunch of scallions
– 1 fresh jalapeno pepper
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