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Seedling Exchange

seed-exchangeBy Jenn Mercer

During the holidays, many people enjoy getting together for cookie exchanges.

The idea is simple and the logic impeccable.

When you make a batch of cookies, you get a lot of one kind of cookie.

If you want two kinds of cookies, you need to make two batches (mmm… no downsides here). But — if you want a dozen different kinds of cookies, your kitchen is going to be trashed; you’ll have cookies coming out of your ears, and your jeans will have suddenly shrunk two sizes.

As I tried to decide what kinds of tomatoes to grow this year, I realized I had a similar problem. Even the most expensive hybrids usually have 12 seeds to a packet. Why not have a Seedling Exchange?

As with a cookie exchange, laying out a few ground rules in the beginning can avoid a lot of disappointment later.

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