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Posted on 16 December 2010 by tomatocasual.com

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Friends, Family, and Tomato Goblets

tomato-gobletBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

A few years ago I started welcoming the Spring Equinox by having a party.

My friends would show up in their favorite medieval outfits and we would have our feast of seasonal produce on a King Arthur type table.

In past years I would fill goblets with party favors and candy but this year I am giving a true Spring Equinox gift of hope and revitalization.

One may ask what this is and the answer is simple it is Tomato Goblets.

This goblet idea came from the wine settings I have used for this party in the past. But instead of serving wine I am serving sustainability and food security in a simple goblet. The tomato plant came to mind since Europeans viewed the tomato as the “love apple” or a forbidden fruit. Plus, the tomato plant is an easy vegetable plant that everyone can be successful at growing.

Also going with the theme and beliefs of King Arthur these Tomato Goblets represent food equalities much like the equal powers that King Arthur’s Knights had at the table.

These goblets are a true recycling project that uses Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 09 April 2008 by tomatocasual.com

April is the Cruelest Month

AprilBy Kira Hamman

OK, so, all the experts say that when T.S. Eliot wrote that famous line he was talking about the despair of the modern age, but you and I know that he was really speaking directly to tomato gardeners.

After all, what could be crueler than feeling the sun on your face and watching the daffodils bloom, celebrating the lengthening days and the first asparagus harvest, yet all the while knowing that it will be months before the first tomato is ripe?

I’ll tell you what — nothing.

With that in mind, I offer here a few ideas to make the wait slightly less tedious: Read the rest of this entry »


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