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Posted on 07 June 2009 by tomatocasual.com

TC Reader Questions: Corn Near Tomatoes, Sweet Seedless

Tomato CasualBy Vanessa Richins

Susan W. writes:

“In order to enable success with tomatoes, do I have to give up planting corn all together or is there a distance between the two crops that will give me the best of both crops?”

Hello Susan. The main reason that advocates of companion planting list tomato and corn as enemies is because they are prone to attack from the same nasty insect.  Helicoverpa zea is known as the corn earworm, the tomato fruitworm and the cotton bollworm.

Their favorite meal is corn. When they are Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 20 September 2008 by tomatocasual.com

The World’s First Tasty Seedless Tomato

By Vanessa Richins

I guess I’m just a big kid.

I love to place tomatoes in my mouth and squeeze until the seeds pop out.

There’s just something so amusing about doing this.

However, I wouldn’t be able to do that with one of Burpee’s new tomatoes for the 2009 season. Dubbed “Sweet Seedless,” it is the first tasty seedless tomato.

It took them 6 years to perfect the Sweet Seedless. In previous experiments, plant breeders had been able to produce tomatoes that were seedless, but they didn’t taste good, or have a good texture.

In addition to being tasty and seedless with a good texture, the Sweet Seedless is resistant to diseases and hardy.

This may bring a question to your mind. If the Read the rest of this entry »


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