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Posted on 05 April 2009 by

Play Tomato Games Online

tomato-bounceBy Vanessa Richins

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the worries of life and play a game.

Maybe your kids want to have fun while you are using the computer.

Why not play one that features tomatoes?

Here are some tomato games that I found. They are pretty simple, but they are still fun to try at least.

1) Tomato Ketchup

For this game, you are a cute little tomato stuck in a ketchup making machine. You have to use the arrow keys to move and jump onto platforms, or else you will fall into the bubbling sauce or be squished at the top of the machine. The game gives you 3 lives. Simple concept but it wasn’t easy when I tried.

2) Tomato Bounce

In this game, you have control of a spatula. There are tomatoes that are trying to avoid being put into a salad. You have to move the spatula back and forth as the tomatoes bounce off the counter and keep Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 28 March 2009 by

Using Robots to Care For Tomatoes

robotBy Vanessa Richins

Students in robotics at MIT are getting additional lessons in horticulture.

At the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, robots are watching over tomato plants.

Through new technologies, they are able to watch for the plants’ needs and act accordingly.

As the Christian Science Monitor reports, Nikolaus Correll, creator of the experiment was experimenting with the capabilities of swarm robotics.

“Each robot is outfitted with a robotic arm and a watering pump, while the plants themselves are equipped with local soil sensing, networking, and computation.

“This affords them the ability to communicate: Plants can request water or nutrients and keep track of their conditions, including fruit produced; robots are able to minister to their charges, locate and pick a specific tomato, and even pollinate the plants.”

The robots use highly sophisticated Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 14 March 2009 by

Tomato Analyzing Goes High Tech

Is the Heirloom Tomato You Bought Organic? - TomatoCasual.comBy Vanessa Richins

Sorting tomatoes for sale at your local grocery store is a complex process.

Several different factors are judged to reach the tomato’s grade.

The grade determines whether the tomato will be sold fresh, which overall nets the most money for the grower, or if it will be processed into canned tomatoes, juices and more.

One of the factors determining which grade that a tomato is sold under is its color. Sometimes when a tomato is ripening, it will develop a problem called yellow shoulder disorder. This wil cause blotches on the tomato and is located under the skin.

Tomatoes with yellow shoulder disorder will receive Read the rest of this entry »


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