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Tomato Consomme

consumeBy David Harbilas

As old fashioned as consommé may seem to be it is in fact a study in technique and patience.

Technique, however, is at times another way of saying “leave it alone,” since in this case all that is needed is a well-made stock and the time to let a slow simmer transform it into something unique.

The base is made with roasted tomatoes, and the clarifying agent is made with raw tomatoes, which don’t need to be the best quality you can find.

Makes about 2 quarts consommé

for the roasted tomato stock:

Posted on 30 June 2008 by

Tomato Consommé

Tomato ConsommeBy Thomas Cenci

If you’re fed up of throwing away all your old rotting tomatoes, or any leftovers you may have, then this is the recipe for you.

It makes a delicious clear consommé or stock out of all your old tomatoes, which can be used for so many occasions, from tomato soup shots at your next canapé party, or a refreshing barbecued shrimp and tomato consommé on that hot summer’s day.

It’s easy to prepare and requires no cooking at all, sound good? Then just follow the recipe and enjoy.

– 1kg of any old tomatoes (the softer and more bruised the tomatoes are, the better) Read the rest of this entry »


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