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Posted on 18 September 2011 by

Tomato-Vidalia Onion Jam

By David Harbilas

This is hardly a jam in the traditional sense, though it does contain some sugar, lending it a jam-like consistency.

Vidalia onions are a special type of onion, in that they contain a great deal of water and sugar.

Just slicing into them will yield a slight spray of juice, which in fact makes a superb sauce of its own–a subject for another post.

This jam makes a terrific accompaniment to some sliced cheese, but can also be spread on a sandwich with some sliced, grilled beef.

Makes about 1 cup of jam

Posted on 09 July 2010 by

Tomato Jam

tomato-jam2By David Harbilas

There are many methods and variations to tomato jam, and this is one of the simplest.

Like most, it contains a mixture of acid and sugar, but it doesn’t contain much else.

It’s best used as a vehicle for another ingredient, rather than as a sauce on its own.

I recently used it in a tomato tart made with puff pastry and confit tomato, with the jam spread on the pastry and the tomato confit on top of the jam. It provides a different dimension of sweet and sour.

Makes about 1 cup of jam

Posted on 14 September 2008 by

Tomato Jam and You

By Michelle Fabio

If everything has gone according to plan, and I hope it has, you’re swimming in tomatoes right now.

There are plenty of ideas for what to do with your crop here on Tomato Casual from freezing to canning to homemade tomato juice, but have you thought about tomato jam?

Before you crinkle your nose (not that you would, tomato lover that you are), this fabulous concoction was recently featured in no less than the New York Times when writer Mark Bittman shared Read the rest of this entry »


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