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Instant Tomatoes (Just Add Water)

tomatomaniaBy Scott Daigre, Tomatomania guest post

If only there was such a thing.

Whether growing in San Diego or Syracuse all tomato gardeners suffer from one common malady; impatience.

Since you pulled out last year’s plants you know you’ve been dreaming of “next year” while enduring store-bought tomatoes.

But then it seems you plant new seedlings and have to wait until summer’s almost over for this year’s crop to ripen!

There’s a solution to that waiting game. Plant short season varieties that will get you the very first available tomato of the season.

Last year after their TOMATOMANIA! weekend the folks at White Flower Farm in Connecticut, the venerable plant purveyors, decided to find out which tomato variety among their wide selection would fruit first. They chose 12 early varieties for their “Tomato Derby” and planted two of each in their test field just before Memorial Day.

One of each pair was planted in a well amended garden row, its partner in a suitably prepared container. All were fertilized, watered and cared for on the same schedule.

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