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60 Years of Tomato Heritage

uglyripeThe Procacci Bros. Sales Corp., one of the largest produce wholesalers in the United States, just marked its 60th anniversary of selling fine tomatoes.

The business was started in 1948 by Joe and Michael Procacci.

It was evident that the Procacci brothers were destined for this life.

During the Great Depression, 8 year old Joe Procacci sold bananas and other produce from his immigrant father’s pushcart. After the end of World War 2, the brothers formed a company that sold tomatoes in the basement of their parents’ home.

The business grew and the company soon moved to a large facility in Philadelphia’s Old Dock Street Market. At first, they imported Cuban tomatoes (before the embargo) and worked with Florida growers to produce the tomatoes they sold. In the 1960s they opened their own growing division – the Garden State Farms.

One key brand produced by the Garden State Farms are Read the rest of this entry »

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