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Posted on 22 October 2008 by

Vaccine for Alzheimer\’s Disease in Tomatoes?

By Michelle Fabio

We know that tomatoes are good for us.

From their lycopene alone, we may be getting protection from any number of cancers and heart disease, but did you know that tomatoes may also hold the key to fighting Alzheimer’s Disease?

It is believed that Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia, is caused by the accumulation of the protein beta-amyloid, which in turn kills neurons in the brain, affecting memory.

If scientists can manage to prevent this accumulation through immune system stimulation, Alzheimer’s Disease may be slowed down or even prevented.

And so, in Korea, researchers used tomatoes, which carry a small percentage of Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 01 February 2008 by

Potential HIV Vaccine from Tomatoes

Tomato VaccineBy Michelle Fabio

Researchers at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Irapuato, Mexico have reported that they have successfully produced transgenic tomato plants that produce an HIV protein called Tat, which is normally produced soon after infection with the HIV virus; the Tat protein allows the virus to replicate in host cells as well as infect new cells.

As the presence of anti-Tat antibodies have shown to stop the progression of AIDS, scientists are seeking to develop a vaccine based on the protein.

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