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Posted on 10 October 2011 by

Preparing the Tomato Garden for Winter


By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Once again, the garden season is coming to a close and I realize now how much I am going to miss it.

Before I begin to close down the garden space, I pull out my garden log and make sure that I have everything labeled that I want labeled.

I am very detailed in my record keeping when it comes to my garden and some may even say obsessed.

When recording my garden space, I note where each variety of tomato is located.

Before the garden is finished, I return to this notebook and check those varieties that did well. I also indicate those varieties that I saved seed from and where that is located.

After my garden log is complete, I then begin to clean the garden. I remove any tomatoes that are ripe or those Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 12 August 2010 by

Winter Tomato Sauce

tomato-sauce6By David Harbilas

Considering the short growing season of tomatoes in many areas of the country, methods of preserving tomatoes are extremely valuable.

Yet just how are we to think of new ways to use canned tomatoes other than in a typical sauce?

I recently cooked at a small Italian restaurant in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, where tomatoes were featured year-round in a variety of preparations.

Here is an adaptation of their winter tomato sauce that features both canned and dried tomatoes. Serve this over pasta, or with grilled or roasted meat, chicken, fish or pork. The meaty flavor of the dried tomatoes are especially good with a whole wheat pasta, and the thickness of the sauce coats shorter shapes, like penne, better than longer, thinner pastas like spaghetti or linguine.

Makes about 2 qts. sauce

1 bulb fennel, diced
2 garlic cloves, crushed Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 18 December 2009 by

Winter Tomato Fun

tomato-soupBy Vanessa Richins

You don’t have to stop thinking about tomatoes just because winter is coming and the days are getting cold.

Here are some activities to keep you in the tomato frame of mind.

Save those seeds.

If you’ve still got some tomatoes on your plants, you can save some of the seeds for next year. This is true even with plants affected with late blight, since the seeds won’t pass it on. They will be viable for about 4-10 years on average.

Make Christmas decorations with tomato cages.

Tomato cages aren’t just good at providing support for tomato plants. They can also be transformed into a variety of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

Cook up tomatoes for the holidays.

The holiday season means lots of parties, which usually involve food. Bring one of these tomato dishes to your next shindig.

Order Tomato Catalogs.

I LOVE Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 04 February 2009 by

Winter Has Driven Me Tomato Crazy

community-garden-introBy Vanessa Richins

I was planning to start a garden in the spring.

There would be sections where people could rent a plot to grow fresh vegetables.

There would be other areas where the vegetables produced would be given to food banks or sold at a farmer’s market. A children’s garden . . . the works.

A friend wanted to do the same sort of project, and it turned out she had permission to use a 6 acre plot of land. It was perfect!

As I have been waiting for spring to come, I find myself growing more impatient. I’ve dreamed of what I wanted to plant, and tomatoes were tops.

I came across an ad on eBay that made my eyes light up. For the low price of $8.50 shipped, I could get 1000+ heirloom tomato seeds in 60 varieties. The one catch was Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 11 December 2007 by

Winter Tomato Blues? Turn to Cherry Tomatoes


Turning to Cherry Tomatoes

Photo Credit: Cherry Tomatoes by jennconspiracy used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By Michelle Fabio

If you’re out of a zone where tomatoes are in season or where this year’s crop isn’t living up to expectations, you may be lamenting the loss of your beloved tomatoes in your diet.

And although you may be used to heirlooms or Romas for different recipes, there’s another option.

The small one that can pack a flavor punch–the cherry tomato.
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