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Posted on 02 August 2009 by

Reader Questions : Yellow Leaves, German Queen Tomato Ripeness

german-queenBy Vanessa Richins


“I live in Brooklyn and I am growing tomatoes on my fire escape using a “Topsy Turvy” planter.

They have been growing beautifully until work called me out of town and I asked my 10 year old to water them. Now I have alot of yellow leaves. However I am not sure his over or under watering is the problem because the yellow leaves are the ones that get the least light.

Does anyone have any suggestion?”

Hello Alan. How often do you fertilize your Topsy Turvy tomatoes? Since container grown plants have a limited Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 15 July 2009 by

Reader Questions: Tomatoes Shriveling, Yellow Leaves

yellow-leavesBy Vanessa Richins


“The top of my tomato plants are shriveling up, but the new growth seems to be a little healthier.
Should I cut the tops off so the bottoms get the nutrients?”

Hi Wendy. How old are your plants? Are they determinate or indeterminate?

I’d want to figure out what is going on with your plant first. Are the leaves turning any color or just shriveling up?

Where is the new growth? Has it been raining a lot? Do you see any signs of insects?

The problem with removing the tops is that this would Read the rest of this entry »

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Reader Questions: Problems With Yellow Leaves on Tomatoes

yellow-tomato-leavesBy Vanessa Richins

As tomato season gets into full swing, problems start to crop up.

This week we have 2 questions dealing with yellow leaves.

From Kerrie in Utah:

“Hi, I planted my tomatoes & tomatillo’s about two weeks ago. I added compost and coffee grounds when I dug the holes. I have given them deep water a few times and it also rained a bit.

They plants were really healthy and I can’t see any evidence of bugs. I did get all the plants accept for one at the same nursery. I am worried they may have something I can’t fix, and need to know what it is in case I need new plants. Thanks.”

Hi Kerrie. First, it would be good to Read the rest of this entry »


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